Psychotronic Magazine #1

Psychotronic NEVER gets old and the information and insight that is packed into every issue remains valuable and insightful for any fan of genre movies and unusual cinema in general. This is the premier issue of the magazine that was spawned from Michael J. Weldon’s NYC-based fanzine of the same name. Fortuntely, the magazine remains affordable and I try keep them stocked in the online shop. A truly essential part of a good zine collection and film lovers library. PSYCHOTRONIC #1, 1989. Featuring John Carradine as Uncle Sam on the cover, looking a little worse for the wear. Also includes … Continue reading Psychotronic Magazine #1


MURDER CAN BE FUN was one of the most entertaining zines to come out of the 80s-90s. Each issue was filled with fascinating true crime stories and examples of human failure. Well researched and thoughtfully compiled, most issues kept to a theme that ranged from Zoo Deaths, Death at Disneyland, Musical Mayhem or evil, bad seed kids—always with a bit of cheeky humor mingling with the dark details. John Marr published this memorable zine out of San Francisco and it ran from 1986-2007 resulting in twenty issues. See the online shop for issues currently in stock! Continue reading MURDER CAN BE FUN zine

Herschell Gordon Lewis, Film Zines in First Shop Catalog

Our first shop catalog is out! I will be releasing listing publications like this regularly to reference and announce curated items. Librocio Books Catalog #1 inclues some rare film zines and books, with the works of The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis featured prominently. Other cool items include rare issues of The Splatter Times, Terror Fanastic and more! Follow me on Instagram and/or subscribe to get announcements on the coolest stuff first. View or download Catalog #1. Continue reading Herschell Gordon Lewis, Film Zines in First Shop Catalog