Spook Show and Dusk To Dawn Movie Ads

Fireball 481 Terrance Jennings Wharton/Xeromorphic, 1994. $30. A rare passion project featuring “the wild and wordy newspaper ads for “dusk till dawn” engagements from the Stan Kohlberg early 60’s drive-ins in the Chicago area. A well researched unearthing of the remarkable Kohlberg ads. Dave Friedman, who produced many films for HG Lewis including his Gore Trilogy, is quoted from his book A Youth In Babylon. Highlight includes a remarkable screaming horror ad written by Herschell Gordon Lewis and Dave Friedman. 4” x 11”; 16pp. Rare. Spiral bound, printed on bright orange paper. (top pages show fading). Designed to accomodate column … Continue reading Spook Show and Dusk To Dawn Movie Ads