Splatter Times – Horror Zine Newspaper

aThe Splatter Times
From Catalog #1. With a tag line like “A decidedly unsavory publication.”, it’s hard to imagine going too wrong.

Offered are two single issues of this early 80s horror cinema gem. Published by Donald Farmer, these early issues were printed as a larger format newspaper before they were modified later to a stapled design.

12pp, 11.5” x 14” newsprint

#2, Summer 1983; Small tear at fold. $28
#3, Winter 1983-84 $28

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Herschell Gordon Lewis, Film Zines in First Shop Catalog


Our first shop catalog is out! I will be releasing listing publications like this regularly to reference and announce curated items. Librocio Books Catalog #1 inclues some rare film zines and books, with the works of The Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis featured prominently. Other cool items include rare issues of The Splatter Times, Terror Fanastic and more!

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View or download Catalog #1.

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