MURDER CAN BE FUN was one of the most entertaining zines to come out of the 80s-90s. Each issue was filled with fascinating true crime stories and examples of human failure. Well researched and thoughtfully compiled, most issues kept to a theme that ranged from Zoo Deaths, Death at Disneyland, Musical Mayhem or evil, bad seed kids—always with a bit of cheeky humor mingling with the dark details. John Marr published this memorable zine out of San Francisco and it ran from 1986-2007 resulting in twenty issues. See the online shop for issues currently in stock! Continue reading MURDER CAN BE FUN zine

The Deprogrammer #2 – Mind Control – Propaganda – Esotericism

Happy to be issuing issue #2 of The Deprogrammer! A newsletter of Philosophy, Mind Control, Propaganda and Esoteric Knowledge. Virtue is the main theme of The Deprogrammer #2. I also talk a bit about authenticity and some of the delusion attached to it. This issue also includes what I hope to be a regular feature, a stand alone insert zine called Victims of Cinema which covers predictive programming, symbolism and conditioning in movies and television. Free PDF copies are available by request. By joining the mailing list, you will receive each issue in your mailbox at no cost. PRINTED copies … Continue reading The Deprogrammer #2 – Mind Control – Propaganda – Esotericism

Gypsee Eyes, 2011. Magic Occult/Lesbian Art Photography Zine

TWO ISSUES! Beautifully produced and designed photography/art zine.GYPSE EYES, 2011The Magic Issue. Visually arresting occult imagery and theme throughout the magazine including a full spread oracle ala Ouija Board, full spread pentagram. All art in black and white to work with the occult ideas of polarity, light and dark, good and evil. 56 pages.  11″ x 17″Newsprint, B/W. Cond: VG. Has a fold as issued. GYPSE EYES, 2011 30 pages. 8 1/2″ X 11″All Color. SOLD. Continue reading Gypsee Eyes, 2011. Magic Occult/Lesbian Art Photography Zine

The Sabbath #1; Horror Fanzine 1976

The Sabbath No.1 (1976)Stapled; 54 pagesPremier issue of a rare horror fanzine called The Sabbath, signed by the publisher/editor.A rare and passionate effort from a fan keen on Hammer Horror and the associated stars of those gothic horror films. No information provided on where it originated, but my guess is somewhere on the East Coast of the US. There is a stapled in Editorial page that is signed by the publisher Mark Richmond as well as a charming if odd inscription to his mother next to a full page drawing of Ingrid Pitt.Includes reviews of non-Hammer and current at the … Continue reading The Sabbath #1; Horror Fanzine 1976