The History of the Popes BOWER 6V Full Leather FIRST EDITIONS – RARE

The History of the Popes
From the Foundation of the See of Rome, To the Present Time
Archibald Bower – FIRST EDITIONS
LONDON (Printed for the Author) $375

Published from 1750-1766

A VERY RARE SET! These volumes are NOT ex-library; lovely old bookplate on each volume.

Six gorgeous full folio leather covers, five raised bands. All original and in pretty exceptional condition.  A fascinating read and a beautiful set printed on handmade paper.

Vol. 1 – 1750 (Third Ed.)
Vol. 2 – 1750 (Third Ed.) Includes extensive Subscriber List.
Vol. 3 – 1754 (First Ed.)
Vol. 4 – 1759 (First Ed.)
Vol. 5 – 1761 (First Ed.)
Vol. 6 – 1766 (First Ed.)

About: Scottish historian, Archibald Bower gives a fascinating account that does not always work well with Vatican narratives and even during it’s initial release, his writings were often discounted as propaganda.

On 25 March 1747 Bower issued proposals for printing by subscription his History of the Popes. He explained that researches designed to vindicate papal supremacy had had the opposite effect on him. He presented the first volume to the King 13 May 1748. The second volume appeared in 1751, and towards the end of 1753 the third volume, which brought down his history to the death of Pope Stephen II in 757. It was in 1754 that the first serious attack was made on the work, in a pamphlet by Alban Butler, published anonymously at Douai as Remarks on the two first volumes of the late Lives of the Popes; in letters from a Gentleman to a Friend in the Country.(Wikipedia)

Condition: GOOD. There is cracking to the outer joints, but each holding and fully intact…V1 requires more care in handling, cover unattached to several bands, but holding. There are also a couple of loose first endpages, spines lack 5 of 6 title labels, but include volume lables, with one showing a tear (missing piece is enclosed.)

Rosicrucian Coming Masters, The Great Works 1962

The Great Works
The Coming Masters

A text specially prepared for those no longer satisfied with the world of matter and temporal affairs, and seeking spiritual reality, and for those on the path and well on the way to soul consciousness and spiritual initiation

Volume Two

R. Swinburne Clymer

The Philosophical Publishing Company, 1962

Beverly Hall
Quakertown, PA


Mystery Schools, Rosicrucian Teachings, The Initiates 5V

The Initiates Volumes I-V
R. Swinburne Clymer

A rare collection of five bound Rosicrucian books.

A magazine issued by authority of the Rosicrucian Fraternity and devoted to mysticism, occultism and the well-being of man.

Vol. 1. May-June 1928 to May-June 1929

Vol. 2. May-June 1929 to May-June 1931

Vol. 3. May-June 1930 to May-June 1930

Vol. 4. May-June 1931 to May-June 1932

Vol. 5. May-June 1932 to May-June 1941

The Philosophical Publishing Company
Beverly Hall
Quakertown, PA

Each book printed the year stated. Gilt titling on spines and emblem in gold on front covers. $425.

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