THE SMITHS – Cover Stars

Back in the day I had tried to snatch up new Smiths singles when they were released and I managed to assemble a decent little collection of 12″ and a few 45s. So being in this Smiths state of mind in the early/mid-80s, I naturally picked up a single by a band I’d never heard of called Pink Industry because of their use of Morrissey as a cover star. The single: Pink IndustryZulu Records RA#8. UK Import. (Liverpool), 1985.What I Wouldn’t Give/Bound By Silence The following year, in 1986, The Smiths would release Panic as a single with an almost … Continue reading THE SMITHS – Cover Stars

David Sandlin Art; Spooky Sounds of Now Graphic Comic and CD

SPOOKY SOUNDS OF NOW: SPIRIT SUMMONING STORIES [Book and CD]1997Very rare Graphic Comic and accompanying CD ala Raw Magazine and Blab.Editor: Baines; MarcPublisher: Vesuvius (GLASGOW)ISBN-10: 0953163903Cond: MINTTHE BOOK: Beautiful packaging and product featuring art by David Sandlin on cover wraps, banner and CD! Also Gary Panter designed endpapers, and a host of other amazingly talented artists to fill out the Spirt Summoning Stories comic. THE CD: Spooky Sounds of Now. Killer disc art by Sandlin and 21 tracks. See photo for list.Sandlin designed paper banner was carefully removed for photographing, still virtually in mint condition.  $65 Continue reading David Sandlin Art; Spooky Sounds of Now Graphic Comic and CD