Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry and Raquel, reviewed in Pleasure Vol2 No10, 1970

A pretty scathing review of Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry & Raquel in Pleasure newspaper (V2N10, 1970). In the column The Celluloid Voyeur, the reviewers, both male and female, can’t get past the fact that there’s just not enough action and nudity and sum up the film from strictly a porn film reviewers perspective. Anyone aware of Meyer knows he is far beyond that variety of filmmaking. Even Meyer’s famous rapid fire editing became a trifling thing to complain about because it cuts away from the action just as it starts to get good. Uschi Digard who appears in the film … Continue reading Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry and Raquel, reviewed in Pleasure Vol2 No10, 1970

Forgotten Films – Sinemags

A few shots from a forgotten/never seen 60s softcore/nudie/roughie. CINEROTIC MagazineVol 1 No 5, 1969The All-Girl Issue, packed with reviews and photos from the various Fanny Hill movies. Here are photos from the obscure women in prison movie Caged Desires. I gauge this type of movie by how intense the prison guards look and this one looks like she can hold down any cellblock without any problem. You never know what’s going to drop in the online shop. Continue reading Forgotten Films – Sinemags

Ed Wood Rarity! The Erotic Spy / Classic 60s Sleaze

A rare find and very collectable title by Ed Wood Jr., writing under the name Abbott Smith. THE EROTIC SPYEd Wood Jr. / Abbott SmithPendulum Pictorial – Illustrated with 80 PhotosPad Library1968 Ed Wood was noted for having written under many names such as Abbott Smith. His pseudonyms are documented on the Cornell University Library website. More sleaze currently in the shop is HERE. Condition: Near Mint Continue reading Ed Wood Rarity! The Erotic Spy / Classic 60s Sleaze

Psychotronic Magazine #1

Psychotronic NEVER gets old and the information and insight that is packed into every issue remains valuable and insightful for any fan of genre movies and unusual cinema in general. This is the premier issue of the magazine that was spawned from Michael J. Weldon’s NYC-based fanzine of the same name. Fortuntely, the magazine remains affordable and I try keep them stocked in the online shop. A truly essential part of a good zine collection and film lovers library. PSYCHOTRONIC #1, 1989. Featuring John Carradine as Uncle Sam on the cover, looking a little worse for the wear. Also includes … Continue reading Psychotronic Magazine #1

Joe Sarno’s The Love Rebellion Movie Tie-In Foto Novel

Super find! Rare sexploitation movie tie-in photo novel! THE LOVE REBELLIONOlympic Foto-Reader 1967 Illustrated on every page with photos from Joe Sarno’s underground sexploitation film! “Tune In!…Turn On!…Join the hippie set in New York’s bohemian East Village! A sizzling novel by Charles Wyant from the sensational Cannon Productions motion picture. Purchase. Condition. VG. Light foxing to title page. Continue reading Joe Sarno’s The Love Rebellion Movie Tie-In Foto Novel

The Sabbath #1; Horror Fanzine 1976

The Sabbath No.1 (1976)Stapled; 54 pagesPremier issue of a rare horror fanzine called The Sabbath, signed by the publisher/editor.A rare and passionate effort from a fan keen on Hammer Horror and the associated stars of those gothic horror films. No information provided on where it originated, but my guess is somewhere on the East Coast of the US. There is a stapled in Editorial page that is signed by the publisher Mark Richmond as well as a charming if odd inscription to his mother next to a full page drawing of Ingrid Pitt.Includes reviews of non-Hammer and current at the … Continue reading The Sabbath #1; Horror Fanzine 1976