Rise & Fall. FIRST EDITION. A Concertina of Life by Micah Lidberg

Rise & Fall
A Concertina of Life by Micah Lidberg

First Edition, 2010
With obi, paper wrap.


Cond: VG. Spot of loss where obi adhered to book.
This beautiful concertina book folds out to a stunning 136 cm panorama detailing the demise of some of our planet’s most dominant and long standing occupants only to be replaced by another group of breastfeeding placental creatures that would come to reign over the globe millions of years later. Micah Lidberg’s seamless use of line and adeptness with a limited color palette recalls the intricate patterns of traditional Japanese kimono design and the murals of 1930s New York Deco in a book that is really more of a work of art, to be coveted and cherished. The nature of the concertina book also means that it is easily displayed on a mantelpiece or shelving unit, and printed on heavy card stock, it will stand the test of time.

Andy Warhol PHOTOBOOTH Pictures Book Robert Miller Gallery, 1989

I’ll start by saying you will be VERY hard pressed to find a copy of this rare book in the exceptional condition as this one. Most that crop up are lacking the amazing clear sleeve or it is horribly damaged…this one is perfect. Also, I’ve noted that other copies have loose pages or are even missing pages at the beginning. This copy does not even appear to have been cracked open. It is very nice, indeed.

Robert Miller Gallery, 1989. First Edition. $295.

Introduction by Gary Indiana.

Printed in a limited run to accompany the exhibition at Robert Miller Gallery, Nov. 28 – Dec. 30, 1989.

Includes printed acetate sleeve wrap/dust jacket!

196 reproductions of photobooth strips commissioned by Warhol of a host of celebrities and Factory Superstars including Edie Sedgwick, Mary Woronov, Taylor Meade, Gerard Malanga and more.

Gypsee Eyes, 2011. Magic Occult/Lesbian Art Photography Zine

TWO ISSUES! Beautifully produced and designed photography/art zine.
The Magic Issue. Visually arresting occult imagery and theme throughout the magazine including a full spread oracle ala Ouija Board, full spread pentagram. All art in black and white to work with the occult ideas of polarity, light and dark, good and evil.
56 pages.  11″ x 17″Newsprint, B/W. Cond: VG. Has a fold as issued.

30 pages. 8 1/2″ X 11″
All Color.


David Sandlin Art; Spooky Sounds of Now Graphic Comic and CD

[Book and CD]1997
Very rare Graphic Comic and accompanying CD ala Raw Magazine and Blab.
Editor: Baines; Marc
Publisher: Vesuvius (GLASGOW)ISBN-10: 0953163903Cond: MINTTHE BOOK: Beautiful packaging and product featuring art by David Sandlin on cover wraps, banner and CD! Also Gary Panter designed endpapers, and a host of other amazingly talented artists to fill out the Spirt Summoning Stories comic.
THE CD: Spooky Sounds of Now. Killer disc art by Sandlin and 21 tracks. See photo for list.Sandlin designed paper banner was carefully removed for photographing, still virtually in mint condition.  $65

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