Bill Griffith Before Zippy the Pinhead

More from the epic underground sex paper KISS. This from an undated issue, probably Vol 3, 1969 or early 1970. A full page strip by Bill Griffith titled Let The Good Times Roll is featured on the last page. It is a anthropomorphized rendering of sex paper classified ads. My oh my…

This is an ongoing review of the East Village Other’s artsy sexy stepchild, Kiss. Other posts can be seen here.

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KISS Vol 1 No 26 – Highlights

I’ll be dropping more amazing stuff from KISS in posts to come.

From the same offices and staff of The East Village Other, KISS was described by the New York Times as “so countercultural that it made The Village Voice look like a church circular.” Kiss was an underground adult newspaper founded in 1969 by Joel Fabricant, Dean Latimer and Peter Mikalajunas, all of whom worked at The East Village Other. The titillating and artsy paper was the most well known of the several East Village Other spinoff magazines. Early issues featured the work and contributions of underground comix legends R. Crumb and Kim Deitch, as well as Kenneth Anger and Warhol Superstars such as Ondine as well as Warhol himself, the result sometimes being a bizarre adult version of Interview Magazine. The paper was padded out with out of the ordinary rock and movie reviews, sexual imagery, erotic fiction and sexually charged columns. The paper ran for one year.

Full page photos perfectly complemented by newsprint. Issues currently in stock.

These images from KISS Vol 1 No 26

A Gay Pulp Sleaze Western

Another from the Emporio X archive of gay sleaze! A fantastic and rare western themed sleaze epic…

“Back when men were men…more or less.”
Dick Dale
Companion, 1967

Condition: VG

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Ed Wood Jr. Paperbacks

From the dark recesses of the Emporio X archive! Three rare paperbacks from the legendary Ed Wood Jr. Including a mint condition copy of It Takes One To Know One!

Ed Wood was noted for having written under many names such as Ken Worthy, most of which are documented on the Cornell University Library website.

THE HOMOSEXUAL GENERATION – “The Sick, Sick, Sick Homosexual Generation”
Ed Wood Jr. aka Ken Worthy
Imperial, 1965
Listed on Cornell University website as an unconfirmed Ed Wood book.

Cond. VG

Ed Wood Jr. aka Harmon Wold, Jr
Pendulum Pictorial – Illustrated with 80 Photos
Pad Library

A violent photo novel of escaped women prisoners that ends in a brutal evisceration and the lower half of a body (an obvious mannequin!) being dragged away by a car! This rare title has been confirmed by Wood biographer, Rudolph Gray as authentic Wood.

Cond.: Good. Remnants of an old sticker on front .

Ed Wood
Pad, 1967

One of Wood’s transvestite epics.

Condition: Near Mint

One other Ed Wood book by Pendulum also in stock!

Playgirl Magazine on Punk Rock

You gotta give Playgirl Magazine a little credit for doing a big article on Punk Rock as early as March 1977, but writer Ed Mc Cormack would have been better suited to writing about Perry Como or even Lawrence Welk, who he references in this article!

This is actually a fairly long piece considering that the writer clearly hates all that punk represents calling it a “bastard mutant genre” and trashes the Ramones at length, criticizing their physical appearances and even says they look like purse snatchers.

Still, there’s some interesting quotes from the Ramones (see below) and a great story about Jayne County bashing Handsome Dick Manitoba’s head in with a mike stand because he called her a ‘homo’.

The Runaways are an odd choice to illustrate this piece as I don’t think they were ever classified as ‘punk’ per se even though they came out of the same time period.

Everything about this article is wrong, but hey…it’s Playgirl and how would this idiot writer know that punks were of the Blank Generation and not the Black Generation, as his article states.

Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry and Raquel, reviewed in Pleasure Vol2 No10, 1970

A pretty scathing review of Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry & Raquel in Pleasure newspaper (V2N10, 1970). In the column The Celluloid Voyeur, the reviewers, both male and female, can’t get past the fact that there’s just not enough action and nudity and sum up the film from strictly a porn film reviewers perspective. Anyone aware of Meyer knows he is far beyond that variety of filmmaking. Even Meyer’s famous rapid fire editing became a trifling thing to complain about because it cuts away from the action just as it starts to get good. Uschi Digard who appears in the film is also shown in a revealing photo that is part of the the full page review. Uschi’s appearance here is a rare moment when her presence in these old sex papers actually has anything to do with the written content, though they don’t even mention her by name. I would guess these reviewers and even the editors were unaware that she was featured so prominently in the film because she is a staple in these papers and never gets mention of who she actually is.

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Fellini’s Satyricon 1969 Review in KISS

A brief ‘review’ of Fellini’s Satyricon in the underground East Village Paper KISS Vol 2 No 4, 1969. Kiss was an oversize tabloid sized newspaper. I just love the overall presentation of full size single page photos on newsprint and the combination of sex, cinema, art, poetry and photography in one amazing package. I’ll be dropping more gems from Kiss in future posts.

Enochian Tarot, Angel Magic of John Dee

Whether you are a John Dee or tarot enthusiast, you will find this a fascinating study of the tarot via Enochian angel magic. Available to the first enthusiast.

ENOCHIAN TAROT – A new system of divination for a new age.
Llewellyn, 1989.
First Edition First Printing
by Gerald and Betty Schueler