Ed Wood Jr. Paperbacks

From the dark recesses of the Emporio X archive! Three rare paperbacks from the legendary Ed Wood Jr. Including a mint condition copy of It Takes One To Know One!

Ed Wood was noted for having written under many names such as Ken Worthy, most of which are documented on the Cornell University Library website.

THE HOMOSEXUAL GENERATION – “The Sick, Sick, Sick Homosexual Generation”
Ed Wood Jr. aka Ken Worthy
Imperial, 1965
Listed on Cornell University website as an unconfirmed Ed Wood book.

Cond. VG

Ed Wood Jr. aka Harmon Wold, Jr
Pendulum Pictorial – Illustrated with 80 Photos
Pad Library

A violent photo novel of escaped women prisoners that ends in a brutal evisceration and the lower half of a body (an obvious mannequin!) being dragged away by a car! This rare title has been confirmed by Wood biographer, Rudolph Gray as authentic Wood.

Cond.: Good. Remnants of an old sticker on front .

Ed Wood
Pad, 1967

One of Wood’s transvestite epics.

Condition: Near Mint

One other Ed Wood book by Pendulum also in stock!

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