Playgirl Magazine on Punk Rock

You gotta give Playgirl Magazine a little credit for doing a big article on Punk Rock as early as March 1977, but writer Ed Mc Cormack would have been better suited to writing about Perry Como or even Lawrence Welk, who he references in this article!

This is actually a fairly long piece considering that the writer clearly hates all that punk represents calling it a “bastard mutant genre” and trashes the Ramones at length, criticizing their physical appearances and even says they look like purse snatchers.

Still, there’s some interesting quotes from the Ramones (see below) and a great story about Jayne County bashing Handsome Dick Manitoba’s head in with a mike stand because he called her a ‘homo’.

The Runaways are an odd choice to illustrate this piece as I don’t think they were ever classified as ‘punk’ per se even though they came out of the same time period.

Everything about this article is wrong, but hey…it’s Playgirl and how would this idiot writer know that punks were of the Blank Generation and not the Black Generation, as his article states.

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