Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry and Raquel, reviewed in Pleasure Vol2 No10, 1970

A pretty scathing review of Russ Meyer’s Cherry, Harry & Raquel in Pleasure newspaper (V2N10, 1970). In the column The Celluloid Voyeur, the reviewers, both male and female, can’t get past the fact that there’s just not enough action and nudity and sum up the film from strictly a porn film reviewers perspective. Anyone aware of Meyer knows he is far beyond that variety of filmmaking. Even Meyer’s famous rapid fire editing became a trifling thing to complain about because it cuts away from the action just as it starts to get good. Uschi Digard who appears in the film is also shown in a revealing photo that is part of the the full page review. Uschi’s appearance here is a rare moment when her presence in these old sex papers actually has anything to do with the written content, though they don’t even mention her by name. I would guess these reviewers and even the editors were unaware that she was featured so prominently in the film because she is a staple in these papers and never gets mention of who she actually is.

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