The sex paper, KISS, was described by the New York Times as “so countercultural that it made The Village Voice look like a church circular.” Kiss was an underground adult newspaper founded in 1969 by Joel Fabricant, Dean Latimer and Peter Mikalajunas, all of whom worked at The East Village Other. The titillating and artsy paper was the most well known of the several East Village Other spinoff magazines and often featured the work and contributions of R. Crumb, Kim Deitch, Kenneth Anger and Warhol Superstars such as Ondine. The paper was padded out with sexual imagery, erotic fiction and sexually charged columns. The paper ran for one year.

Currently in the shop are the SCARCE first and second issues of KISS featuring the work of R. Crumb!

KISS Vol 1 No 1
Epic Premier Issue with R.Crumb centerspread of The Adventures of Dicknose!
Also, a full page R. Crumb illustation

EXCELLENT CONDITION! Almost mint. Stored flat for years, no discoloration or edge fraying. A couple of edge tears (see photos), but overall Excellent.


KISS Vol 1 No 2
May 5, 1969
Full R. CRUMB centerspread ‘The Family that Lays Together Stays Together’ – over the top art!
Also, a full page R. Crumb illustation in color on back cover!

Visit the online shop, Emporio X! Surprises are always dropping!

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