Satanic Gothic – Mark of the Rope by Miriam Lynch

I can’t say I’ve ever read a gothic romance or even a plain old romance novel, but I am a fan of the gothic romance novel nonetheless. I get a bit weak in the knees over the dark, desperate art that graces so many of the covers of these books. So many fearful women in nightgowns, wandering dark estates and stormy grounds. Barren trees, tilted tombstones and that ever present element of dread.

The gothic romance novel gets a tad darker and more overtly demonic with the Avon series dubbed Satanic Gothic, the logo of which features a silhouette of the Satanic Goat, Baphomet.

Mark of the Rope by Miriam Lynch is part of the Satanic Gothic series and one of the more collectible and hard to find titles and no wonder since its cover is a nice example of gothic doom and dread and the story concerns witches, curses, exorcism and Satanic evil. And it’s now in the ONLINE SHOP!

Mark of the Rope
Miriam Lynch
Avon Satanic Gothic, 1972. First Printing.

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