Catalog #2: Rare Thom Gunn, Queer Lit and Zines

Cat. 2

Moving quickly on the heels of the gruesome Catalog #1, I am releasing Catalog #2 which features a nice collection of books by Thom Gunn, several signed. The catalog is rounded out with a few queer-friendly zines and publications.

Some of the rare editions featured in the catalog, include:

Collected Poems
Thom Gunn
Faber & Faber, 1993. Edition of 150, specially bound, numbered and signed by the author.

Thom Gunn
Drawing by Bill Schuessler
Doe Press, 1985. Hand-printed by letterpress on Hosho paper and hand cased in hardcovers. Signed by Thom Gunn, artist Bill Schuessler and publisher Sid Berger.

Games of Chance
Thom Gunn. Abattoir Editions, 1979. University of Nebraska at Omaha.
With an etching SIGNED by John Thein


Back in the late 90s, I had the pleasure of meeting Thom Gunn through a friend and am happy to share this never before seen photo I took of the late poet which was taken at a bar in San Francisco called A Hole In The Wall. All I can remember of the meeting was a naked man walking around the bar singing a song that was not playing through the speakers.

Thom Gunn. San Francisco, 1996. Photo: Jim Lucio

Rounding out this wonderful collection of poetry books are a few queer zines including my own GORDO, “The Most Sought After All-Male Publication” which was released as a double-sided poster.

Gordo, 23″ x 32″, 2010.

Purchasing: These titles are available and listed on my online sales/auction sites. Queries can be made through this website or my Etsy sales portal.

View or download Catalog #2.

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