ASVA SASTRAM An Illustrated Book of Equinology (Ancient Indian Science of Horses)

by Nakula

Published by S. Gopalan, 1952.
Asvasastram or The Science of Horses
Tanjore Saraswati Mahal Series No. 54

Asva Sastram is a rare, illustrated Sanskrit manuscript available in the Sarasvati Mahal Library in Tanjore published under the authority of the Government of Madras.

Editor: Chandrasekharan

Hindi language with English preface.

BEAUTIFULLY and profusely illustrated.

From online source:

This volume is based on an illustrated Sanskrit manuscript of the Asvasastra (Science of Horses) which is a brief compendium of some important facets of equinology based on the works of ancient Indian equinologists like Salihotra, Nakula Garga, Gana Etc.
The Asvasastra extensively deals with various interesting and scientific aspects of horses like anatomy characteristics of horses their color neighing smell, shade, gait, defects breeds, age, evils that may befall, their prevention and remedial measures etc.
This work by an anonymous author variously described in different manuscripts as Nakula or Gana is written in chaste and succinct style pure and undefiled Sanskrit. It is supplemented by extraordinary captivating and accurate colored pictures of horses to illustrate their scientific description contained in the work.

VG. Clean, sound binding. Solid. Bright gilt titling on spine. Name stamped on interior.